Who Loves PIZZA

Myself and my son love pizza, however it does not love us right back.. we usually complain of upset stomachs after indulging in the gluten loaded delight.

so we needed to find a way to satisfy our craving,

so we ordered a huge cauliflower from vale veg

and got creative but kept it simple

no binding or baking first

slice your cauli length ways

Spray with coconut oil, or your choice of 1 cal spray

add the tomato purée

I love sundried tomato, my son doesn't so

I added onto mine

Then I added garlic salt,

cheese and ham for Ashton

and cheese for myself

A drizzle of chilli oil

I added spinach too, got to have greens with every meal

and I popped it in oven, gas Mark 6 for 45 mins

the outside of cauli went crispy and the inside slightly caramelised

then the outcome

The verdict ...


choose your own toppings 🙌

this is still a treat for me as I try limit my dairy intake

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