TNT Cocoa, chai & banana shake

Dairy free and yummy

cut the rubbish

  1. 3 soft bananas

  2. large spoon of cocoa powder

  3. teaspoon of coconut sugar

  4. coconut milk

  5. coconut water

  6. chai seeds

  7. cinnamon powder

  8. nutmeg powder

  9. frozen berries

pop the bananas in a blender, cover completely with coconut milk and top up 1/2 cup coconut water.

add sprinkle or teaspoon of cinnamon, nut meg & table spoon of cocoa powder

add teaspoon of coconut sugar &

teaspoon full of chai seeds

blend together till its chocolate smooth

and throw in frozen berries for your ice and tasty to munch at the end 😍

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