Spice Kick

Spicy kick soup

Add all veggies into the large pan and cook along way in this order

Using chilli infused oil

Large leek chopped

Large onion chopped

Three large carrots chopped

Large red pepper

Two handful cherry tomatoes (leave green leaves on)

Three large tomatoes

Dry or fresh basil 🌿 to taste

Jar red pesto

Garlic granules or fresh

Cover with enough water to cook all in the pan & leave room for blending

Add a little aromat seasoning

And two table spoons of tikka masala easy paste

Cook till all veggies especially carrots are soft

Add cream or butter to stir through after blending

Now is all to taste

More salt?



You decide make it your perfect combo

Need bread?

Why not try cutting tortilla strips

Or crackers

Gluten free alternatives

Or rice cakes

Try adding rice noodles

I like to add rice

To make it a bigger meal

Like meat? Add your fav choice it’s fab with chicken

Remember there are always options

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