What’s ruining your results

Two scales with the same person, on the same morning...

1stone and 2lbs difference

This is exactly why someone may give up on themselves, especially exercise and eating healthy

We are advised to use the same scale to measure loss or gain

But how do we know if that scale is true to weight

The electric scale is super sensitive to movement, placement and for some reason can jump from one reading to another within seconds

(Que the tears and demotivation)

The old fashion scales, if the pin isn’t directly at 0 or you are to move to even read the scale it can decrease or increase

Better still do you measure fully naked? Thinking god let me remove the hair bobble that weighs right, ohhhh wait what about my earrings and my acrylics too

Have you weighed before your morning coffee or after?

Have you eaten anything before

Have you been to the toilet?

You see this is a sure way to become obsessive, damaged or even ill and mentally defeated.

I feel strongly about this and have always encouraged clients, friends & family to measure, to see and feel how clothes they had previously, now fit them.

Take photos in the same position and compare

Every 4 weeks

With the biggest measurement being,

how good and happy they are becoming

Do they Live in the moment proud of the small achievements made daily, which in turn will reward in a big way.

So I am writing this post to show you this wasn’t pulled from the internet

This was me! I chose to buy two scales to see what would happen (yes to prove a point, to remind myself that fat and muscle weigh the SAME, however look very different)

Imagine 5lb of fat to be a ballon blown up

And 5lb of muscle to be a tennis ball

You can be made up of a lot more tennis balls than balloons, will weigh more but look smaller in appearance, lower dress sizes, (don’t get me started on clothe sizes 😂) another brutal miss judgement on our bodies used frequently from shop to shop.

So this is what I am saying, Before you give up on your goals and health

Judging your self on a weighing scales or even bmi (again a whole new post) can be defeating, demotivating and ruin all your efforts and goals that are possible.

I am Not denying that people have, found using scales as a way to be accountable & had results

However it does seem to me most people struggle to make permanent changes to the body or mind about healthy ways of living, without feeling deprived or restricted in order to be scale happy or are more likely to slip or feel demotivated with the up and down movements.

The graph here shows the difference, logging

From one scale and using the other within two weeks

So do I congratulate myself on losing a stone and 2lbs within two days or start to worry that I gained a stone and 2lbs in two days

This can ruin someone’s progress



🟣Feel good




These are what you should measure your beautiful, capable, inspiring body mind and soul with.

Please share this if you think someone could benefit from losing the scales ⚖️

Much love


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