What is your favourite Breakfast & why?

I remember the days, I would skip breakfast like I was saving calories for my lunch & dinner, now I can’t imagine going without my favourite meal of the day. The start, the fuel, the set up, choosing what will set the tone for my day. when I would avoid breakfast my choices by lunch time would be less about health and more about feeding the ridiculous rumble in my stomach, past the point of fuel and into the ”I’m starving“ I need more food than that, way of thinking, even feeling.

This of course is just me, everyone has their own way and nothing is wrong as long as its working for a healthy body.

My absolute favourite breakfast

has to be a slice of tiger bloom bread or sourdough (gluten free works better for me) with avocado and smoked salmon. I hold on the butter as avocado and salmon are healthy fats that I find sufficient ( even tho I will openly confess to being a lurpak butter lover) I simply add salt and black pepper (maybe some garlic)

what I find helps my choice is,

I love colour on a plate, I love to find ways I can create foods that are pretty to the eye too, if I had a good workout session that day or next I would add a dippy egg for that burst of white and yellow.

The rule I give myself during breakfast

is to be present


pay attention to the taste,

I notice how I feel eating the food & after

and I work out if my choice was healthy for me and my body.

some foods can make you feel great, some a little lethargic or bloated, some can give you energy, some can cause headaches, stomach ache or more, becoming aware of what suits you is very personal and only you will ever know, IF you pay attention to what you are eating.

if you need help with this I do have a FREE “why did I eat this”

journal plan that can help you become aware. Now if your reaction was “I don’t have time for that” I hear you, however imagine the power this small amount of time gives you and your body. you would know what foods work for you and what doesn’t, you would never buy into a this diet fits all scam again, you would understand what helped you feel and look healthy

and never put it down to an off day, understand your body and what it needs is something we all wish to know.

So a little extra few moments to actually taste your food and see how you feel, pays off in ways you always paid for, in many ways and for many years, right?

So next time you eat

be Mindful and see how you feel

love And light

with lots of healthy choices 😘

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