TNT Soy Salmon with crispy pak choi

  1. salmon fillets

  2. pak choi 🥬

  3. rice noodles 2 baskets

  4. whole head of Broccoli 🥦

  5. soy sauce

  6. salt

  7. Aromat seasoning or seasoning of choice

  8. lime

  9. garlic granules

Boil the Rice noodles with the broccoli cut up add garlic granules and seasoning to the water

cook through

mean while on foil

cover the salmon fillets with soy sauce, salt squeeze of lime

and chop the pak choi lay over the top

Bake in oven gas Mark 5 for 25 mins

once all cooked

place on plate to look delicious season with salt and pepper to taste


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