TNT Chorizo & Veggie loaded Rice

Choose your own options, tuna, chicken, tofu, meat to go with your veggies. my son likes chorizo

Pack of stirfry veg - I go for frozen Morrison’s

  1. pak choi x2

  2. pack diced chorizo

  3. coconut oil

  4. micro rice x2 packs

  5. 3x large tomatoes

  6. avocado

  7. spring onion

  8. knor aromat seasoning

  9. apple cider vinegar

  10. 2 x eggs

  11. salt

blend 1/2 avocado, chopped greens on spring onion, 3 large tomatoes, cap full of apple cider vinegar and season with aromat sprinkle over. add salt and blend

in pan use coconut oil, to fry up your stirfry and cut up you pak choi and add in

cook through, add in two packs of cooked rice

stir the veggies through. Add your blended mix and stir through

add in the chorizo and egg

stir through all, till egg is cooked


add salt to taste

serve and enjoy

simple, tasty and good

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