TNT Cauli-lush

well this combo was so lush,

I put it in the name

and so simple too..

fresh is best!!!! I use vale veg

large cauliflower




(thats sweetcorn lol) phone error 😂

tomato purée

balsamic dressing (morrison)

sundried toms in oil

rice (optional) 125g

fresh crushed garlic



heat oven gas Mark 6

chop cauli, pop into a large oven proof dish

rectangle shape works best to spread out ingredients

rip up kale leaves & spinach mix all with cauli

add balsamic dressing - drizzle over all, not fully cover... add sundried tomatoes and pour over the sundried Tom oil dress over all! don’t drown it -less is more here add 1/2 tin sweetcorn, squeeze tomato purée between veg, spread with knife if you can or mix. crush garlic into mixture

add pepper and salt to taste

pop in oven bake for 35 mins (I like it crunchy, not soft) but leave longer if you prefer

cook 125g (half micro bag of rice)

pop cauli-lush on top

or have it on its own

and enjoy 😍

get your veggies in

if you try it let me know

Tiff x

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