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🔴🔴Ladies listen up 🔴🔴


Making the dread to a powerful red

Step 1. Become friends with your cycle!! Log or keep track, knowing, preparing and making sense of our cycles can be the change you need to thrive, succeed and even understand your needs. Not to mention it’s a great way to map out instructions to those around you

On your needs and with less arguments and confusion on how we can go from 0 to 100 in a heartbeat

Just like the moon has 28 days to renew us women do to

But it’s not a week it’s a cycle!! It’s a month continuous changes, hormones, moods and sometimes excuses to give into it as a negative..

What if I could guide you to, make it your super power!! What if I told you the strength Is there for the taking, the will power the endurance

You just have to know when....

(I like to use the app FLO to keep track of my cycle)


  • ideal for Peak Performance

  • Eat iron rich foods

  • Eat anti-inflammatory foods

  • Manage the symptoms

Day 6- 10 - FOLLICULAR

  • Optimal performance

  • Energy strength at peak

  • Get strength training

  • Kick ass

Day 11-18 - OVULATION

  • Blood sugar unstable

  • Focus on fats and protein

  • Moderate intensity training

  • Take on carbs during

  • Endurance sessions

Day 19-28 - LUTEAL

Early luteal

  • higher core temp

  • Difficulty in heat

  • Carb storage inhibited

  • Hydrate / electrolyte drink

  • Post workout protein is essential

  • Hardest time to make muscle

  • High intensity activities

Later luteal

  • anti-inflammatory foods

  • Carbs essential

  • Manage pms symptoms

  • May experience a tired/fatigue phase

  • Nitric oxide foods

  • Don’t be hard on yourself

  • Less intensity


🔴 Don’t skip strength training in the first part of your cycle

🔴 Watch out for being more prone to tendon injuries during fertile days

🔴 Don’t beat yourself up in second part of your cycle/ show yourself some love and let others know around you/ you may not be firing energy as usual - don’t overly book demanding to do’s during this period.

🔴 Take rest days in second part of cycle

🔴 On day 14 is when a women will feel the most fertile and attractive- due to peak in hormones! Glam up and workout gorgeous

🔴 When we first experience signs of PMT is when we feel tired or sluggish, be aware of what you choose for yourself, don’t give up. Be kind and choose what will make your body feel loved, well and thrive.

🔴 Food cravings, mood swings and fatigue even depression can be possible for so many during PMT.. don’t see it as a weakness to be open about your cycle to others! We all experience this and now is the time to appreciate you and your magnificent self, not beat it up!!

🔴 Due to the fluctuations in serotonin, getting out and going for a walk or working out with friends, having fun, dancing to loud music, let your hair down this will make you feel so much better.

🔴 Sleep- a good 8 hrs to avoid an increase in cortisol, which certainly does not help moods, cravings, bad choices or fatigue, do what ever it takes to rest. Get off technology early, get some air, have a lavender bath or a sleepy herbal tea, lavender pillow spray! I know fab stuff ;) message me... even read a book or meditate but get that sleep!!

🔴 There is no scientific evidence or reason to skip on your workouts during your period, in fact there is evidence that exercise can help, continue to exercise just back of the intensity in the 2nd phase of your period.

🔴 Mainly don’t expect to be the same 100% everyday, how you show up for yourself during the month will be different and YES!!! It does have an effect on how we are, How we feel and our energy, the problem now is most of us don’t accept that and we try be the same person every day, you change as often as the cycle does and every bit of you is good enough!! Love every phase and know!!

What to do

Don’t shy away from your cycle and period

It’s powerful

Know you/ know your body

It’s a game changer!! 🔴‼️

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