Lean Steak mince 5% fat burger homemade with cauliflower rice and celery

• lean steak mince 5%

• spring onion

• garlic granules

• salt & pepper

• cauli rice / I used Morrison’s ready made (frozen)

• cheese 50g

• celery

• chilli oil

mix the steak mince with cut green of spring onions to taste, tsp garlic powder or fresh garlic, salt and pepper to taste, mix and shape into burgers, drizzle chilli oil over them only a splash... cook in oven pre heated gas Mark 6 10 mins one side & 10 mins other.... or to preference for steak 🥩 cooked.

cook cauli rice as instructions add 50g grated cheese and chopped celery mix!! this is surprisingly tasty

drizzle chilli oil on the plate

and as easy as that

tasty meal that feels like a cheat meal

great for after a workout!!!

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