Firstly, let me start by introducing myself, I am Tiffany the founder and creator of TNTRAINING.

I have worked in the fitness industry for many years and have top level experience and pieces of paper that qualify me. I, however, work from the heart...

My truth: When I started this journey to become a PT, it was with the intention to help people change their lives. I once struggled and still do at times, so I wanted to find a way to help myself and others feel GOOD ENOUGH as they are. Loving themselves with self care and a positive outlook on life.


A happy life doesn’t mean you’ve got everything together all of the time - a happy life means you don’t judge yourself in the times that you don’t.

I have become very aware that today’s fitness industry presence is superficial and unrealistic and having previously fallen into the trap of a mindset, thinking that to have the six pack and strong exterior would bring happiness, helped me discover that this is not true.

The harder I worked, the more I gave and the more toned, more muscular and leaner I got, the realisation that something huge was missing was very REAL.


I was unhappy.

So, I’ve set the intention to help people become mentally and physically fit...with Heart & Soul happiness✌️

This package is 100% personal. It is life changing. It is all about YOU.

Together we will work with what it is YOU need.

I am in no way a template, or a standard one size fits all kind of coach.

Below is a list of what will be involved, but this is only the start of your experience 🥰

✓ CONSULTATION: an informal friendly chat about where you are now and what your “why” is? Discuss apprehensions, daily life and what your focus is for your transformation.

✓ ONE to ONE: personalised workouts, tailored to suit your needs and goals, to suit your level of fitness, all planned out for the results you wish to achieve.


✓ MEDITATION: to work on your inner peace and tranquillity to come “home” to yourself without judgement and expectations. To live in the present moment.


✓ MINDFULNESS: Journaling, mindfulness exercises to help yourself to open up to your true self, with awareness and present feeling, for thought process to become healthier and happier, with appreciation for yourself and your life.


✓ CHECK IN: a chance to check in with yourself and check your progress, always adapting for progression and improvement.


✓ HEALTHY MEAL OPTIONS: tailored to what you like, improved habits and better choices moving forward in order to love your body and nurture your health, compliment getting fit and keeping it realistic to maintain without feeling restriction.


✓ MOTIVATION: I am always here to give guidance and a little nudge in the right direction, if self sabotaging habits have formed we will work on this too.


✓ CLASSES: live workouts and meditations weekly (up to 7 a week available), these will be included for you within your package, for all levels and to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.


✓ REST: you will be working out, eating well and clearly need to love yourself enough to allow the body to recover, this is where the growth, progression and acceptance happens, we will work out what it is that makes you feel good for your perfect rest ritual.


✓ GUIDANCE and ADVICE: I am experienced in many forms of healthy living and I will work alongside you to trial the best ways for you, using my connections to ensure you get the best. We will even look at healthy sleep patterns, eliminating habits that no longer serve you, messages or advice you may want to work with moving forward.


It’s all about YOU.

I very much look forward to working with a select few and this package is personal, tailored and not a label, gimmick or brand. You will be given the time and attention with continued support and motivation whatever the weather, whatever the day we will find your way.

All packages are an investment and will be life changing to those that decide this is for them. My aim is to make it a happy experience in order for you to want to take it away and apply it to your life, daily, easily and naturally without the “no pain, no gain” attitude. To live with your true self, be at peace and feel great. Loving yourself body, mind and soul.

This 12 week package

Will include weekly.


✓ 2x one to one workouts (virtual zoom)

✓ Two personal meditation sessions (usually scheduled at the end of your workouts)

✓ Mindfulness Journaling work and a Journal 📔

✓ Weekly Healthy meal options & shopping list

✓ Weekly zoom live @tntraining classes with group support

✓ Motivation and support when needed

Your body, your mind, your soul.

We are all unique.

Prices for your exclusive package, tailor made for you:

Usual prices:

One to one, 2 a week, for 5 weeks is £250 x 2 =£500 (price for 10 weeks you receive 12)

Live zoom classes, 7 a week, for 4 weeks is £55 x3 = £165

Meditation, 2 a week, is £30 x 12weeks £360

Weekly meal plans, 12 weeks, £50 a month = £150

Usual cost £1,175.00

My limited offer


For my first 5 clients, I am offering an exclusive set of “Chosen By You” prices.


Three different prices to suit you and your needs. We’re in a time of a global pandemic and not only are we all in this together from a personal point of view, but we are in it together from a financial perspective too.


As a business, I understand the needs at the moment and it’s why I am offering prices based on what you can afford, but the programme will ensure you get what you know you deserve for yourself.

Especially now.


“Chosen by You”


£696 /£830 /£969


Huge savings for the first 5 clients only.

You’re booking the Body, Mind and Soul package @tntraining with ThentoZen.

I will be starting these package as of September


Bookings will be taken in advance


Only 5 clients will be taken on at any 12 week period due to the personalisation and attention I want to give to you.

All sessions are weekly planned and a continued 12 weeks, unless informed of any holidays before booking.

The package will begin and end in 12 weeks.

All responsibility and your health in participation is your responsibility with your agreement to joining. Please inform me of any health concerns at the consultation or before booking if you require advice.

I look forward to working with you and starting you on your journey to a happier, healthier you.

You are Good Enough

You deserve to give yourself this time

Say goodbye to negative energy

Say goodbye to self doubt

Say goodbye to anything that no longer serves you

Say Hello to all that is YOU

I’d like to introduce you to your REAL self

If you do not make it onto the first 5 offer

I will be opening a waiting list for the next 12 weeks

Lots of Love in and Love out

Tiffany xx