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why would you choose TNTraining?

At TNTraining, we build you up, with real workouts, confidence and keep you motivated,

with like minded women all getting real results that keeps them coming back for more. 

If you have tried everything to only give up, TNTraining is the solution to a life style change with long term benefits. 


I’m passionate about helping YOU, the real women that have lives and need to find a way to feel great without the huge expense, the mums that have children to consider and even you dog mums they count to right, the business women, the home makers, the women working every hour given, The women who find it hard to get up in the morning, the women with the to do list so long they don’t know where to start,




ABOUT TNTraining

TNTraining was established in 2010 after working years in the fitness industry for other people, I decided after a little push in life to set out on my own but let me take this back to the beginning. I suffered with PTSD in 1999 and cut a long story short, I found the workouts & healthy lifestyle! It saved me and it inspired me to want to Save others.

I felt how intimidating it was to step foot into a world of unknown and not want to look stupid, or worse waste my time not to mention paying the membership to look at the machines as if I had a clue.
To having tried every diet that wasn’t helpful, nice or even affordable.
I started to learn, to face fears and became more confident but I had to do that alone and that’s when I decided I wanted to help others not be alone and feel better about themselves.











January 14, 2017

January 14, 2020

Aug 2019- Nov 2019


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This Site is 100% approved by Tiffany's son Ashton and he has made something amazing to tell you why you should join!!


Now: what is there to do

You can go join your local sliming club and pay your £5 to stand on the scales shamefully regretting that cake on the weekend and missing out on your gold star, to fully loading your fridge full of sugar loaded chemically enhanced ready meals with the slimming brand reassuring you this is good for you?
Do you ever consider that these sliming clubs want you to have to keep coming back?
You stop going you fall of the wagon and decide right I must go back, only to be at square one again if not worse, I feel that if the changes were positive you would have gone away with at least some knowledge not to fall of the wagon that hard AGAIN!!!

My aim is to help you, in such a way that you are given the right advice and support so that you know what decisions are good for you, healthy and work FOR YOU, so whilst  your apart of the TNTraining members group  you learn and grow every day staying with me or eventually feeling confident to sustain your good results on your own then the help was a success.
After All my aim is for you to get the advice and tips you need to sustain a HEALTHY / HAPPY lifestyle change.
Tips / videos/ Recipes/workouts/Meditations/Mindfulness and even great playlists. I will bare all my little secrets and tips even my go to rescue foods at times of need.
Social occasions/ there is always something every month that gives us the excuse to starve all day then binge like unsupervised child at a sweet shop till we vow this will never happen again, but the purchase of bigger clothing says it did happen again and again
What if you were amongst a community of women that had your back every day, we all picked each other up and you set small daily reminders to give you that small but Fair kick up the ass.

Sounds good right? We all want that person that will knock the fast food out of our hand or the extra chocolate bar that you have hidden away for later… yes that one
Sometimes knowing you’re amongst likeminded women that struggle too can make u stronger and even suggestions of better alternatives can be helpful, so we feel satisfied not guilty.

Hate the gym? Feel too conscious? Don’t know what to do allow TNTraining to be your go to
Workout wherever/ whenever with videos & live workouts that are for all levels and can be done anywhere.
I will keep it simple for all levels from absolute beginner to the advanced gym bunny everyone Matters at TNTraining.
Follow me on my workouts or choose one that works for you that day
What shall I eat? as said before I will share my recipes & on the forum exclusive to members we can all share great healthy options to try out, that will compliment a healthy lifestyle with realistic portions and ingredients?
sharing what works for everyone and what they have enjoyed or found helpful we are all in this together, After all you can inspire and motivate others within the group.
All questions will be answered and if I don’t know I will make dam sure I find out for you.

All members will have the option for weekly monitoring, you have the Option to send before pictures and measurements privately to myself and that way you can stay accountable with your progress. If this is of interest, then feel free to contact me after signing up to discuss.

So, with all the member places being limited to begin in order for me to give everyone the personal experience of a coach, each month if places become available, If you are put on a waiting list, apologies  you will be informed by priority email should a slot become available to join.

See you at the TNT VIP section




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Get in contact with any enquires We will get back to you as soon as possible And hope to help you on your health and fitness journey


TNTRAINING live workouts via ZOOM app, and Videos available only at MEMBERS AREA

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